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About Us

Crook Morris is a based in Kendal, Cumbria. We were formed in 1981 as an off shoot from Crook Folk dance group. We mainly dance Cotswold Morris, however we also dance Welsh Border Morris, Rapper, and perform Mummers plays. We perform dances from many different traditions and have a total repertoire of around 50 dances although select around only 30 each year to practice and perform.
We practice on Monday nights during the winter months (October till March). During the summer we perform at local pubs, fates, events, and festivals. We also travel further around the country to festivals and even sometimes abroad!
We are an assorted group of people with various interests as well as morris dancing including walking, cycling, and many other hobbies. Lots of us have jobs and some are retired. Crook are very friendly and inclusive to all.
Making Friends

We have friends all over the place. We do mean friends.
Lifelong friendships have developed from meeting other dancers at festivals, concerts and weekends which we have arranged and invited other Morris dancers.
As well as dancing with Crook, several of our members also dance with other teams. It's not just Morris dancing either, Clog Dancing, Appalachian Dancing and Garland Dancing are all part of their repertoire.
We also enjoy ceilidh dancing, where we can really let our hair down, and our musicians never miss out on a chance to join a session in a pub!
Crook Morris would like to make it clear that we are proud to be an inclusive organisation. Membership is, and always will be open to all, subject to a minimum age limit. Furthermore, we are proactive in standing against all forms of discrimination, both in the Morris world and in all sectors of our society. We want people from all backgrounds to enjoy our dancing, and not made to feel unwelcome or uncomfortable by any element of a performance or our community.

We’re very happy for people to use photographs of our side but only after permission has been granted by Crook Morris. Please contact us for further details.

As we supply public entertainment, we are aware that photographs are taken and then used on our web pages. These photographs may include children and people who do not wish for their images to be seen on our website. We take care not to publish pictures containing children's images, but occasionally it is unavoidable. If you do not wish an image of yourself or your family to be seen, or indeed have a published image removed, then please contact us with the details.

We deplore the use of images, that are in any way connected with organisations or publications which use and condone discriminatory language and behaviour.

Want to know more?

Look at our programme to find out where we are.

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