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Young Farmers, Grayrigg, Tue March 5th

Despite a last minute change of venue "Crookies" managed to find Selside village hall, everyone arriving in good time.

We were welcomed by the young people, who had their usual short meeting but then the "fun" started with the dancing of "Fanny Frail", Martyn keeping us all in "line" and proving we are a mixed side (being the only male dancer).

He connected with the young farmers really well and, surprise surprise, nearly all got up to have a go with much giggling and general laughter.  Each crook dancer helped and encouraged their new partner, thus Fanny Frail was accomplished very well, the sticking being very impressive and only one "ouch" was heard.

Then followed March Past, the musicians getting slightly carried away with the speed, but "hey" it was fun.  The evening drew to a close with questions and answers, Martyn being able to instil much interest.  We were then thanked in the usual way.  As a resident of Selside I can say the village hall has not witnessed so much fun for a while.

Betty Parkinson