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Waterhead, Ambleside, 11th June

Maggie Stockdale's Tour was a Dance Out with two of our local sides, Westmorland Step and Garland from Kendal, and Belfagen from Cockermouth.  Both of these are women's teams and present their individual styles of North West clog and step dancing.


Crook as ever were the more raucous crew, dancing mostly Cotswold on the night, with a couple of border dances, and managing two sets for quite a few of the dances.  

A final Bonny Green Garters combined all the sides and some of the spectators in a chain of dancers that stretched the Length of the prom, accompanied by massed musicians from

all sides.

A great time had by all, and a retreat to the pub when Morris hats had to be replaced by hankies-as-mozzy-nets as dusk fell.

What a fantastic Cumbrian dance venue enjoyed by all.

Maggie S