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Wassail Day

Saturday   11th  January

Celebrations carried on late into the night!! A sizeable group of us ‘camped’ overnight in our campervans, on the car park of the ‘Hare and Hounds’. There was much agreement that it had been a very fine day indeed, and a superb evening!

Here’s hoping that Saturday  11th  January, 2014 will be enjoyable and as much fun!

Simon Weaver  

Another wonderful Wassailing Day for Crook Morris. Our thanks go to Mrs Pat Walker, for giving us the run of her orchard and for allowing us to claim and decorate our own special tree and to the management and staff at The Hare and Hounds at Bowland Bridge for handing over almost the entire pub to Crook and friends, for not complaining when their display of hops was so hugely mistreated by those wielding sticks, swords and hankies and for allowing us to park our campervans in their car park overnight so that much drinking could be done by all. Simon Gillow was, as always, a splendid Lord of Misrule and Mark provided what was generally agreed to be the best damson ale to date. It was lovely to be joined by members of Legs Levens and the Limestone Cowboys and Westmorland Step & Garland Dancers, who braved a cold January to come and dance with us . Crook's singing was strengthened by Kendal Revellers, some of whom gave us very lovely solo/duet songs of their own. Congratulations to Judy and to Simon W. for all their organisation, for rounding us all up, getting us where we were supposed to be at pretty much the right time and for talking to radio Cumbria at an unearthly hour of the morning. Now we wait to see if we will be rewarded with a glorious damson harvest in the autumn. In the meantime we wish all our friends a very Happy New Year. WASSAIL!!