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Well, what can I say. Easy journey down (for us at least) dry sunny weather, good dancing at our usual places and our display spot on Saturday went without a hitch. I ndeed there were several complimentary remarks from both other sides and the public and a lady commented to me that our Sheriff's Ride was the best she had ever seen!!  Her husband, who was standing beside her added - "and she knows what she's looking at."  So for those dancing and playing VERY WELL DONE.  It has been said many times - Crook can do it well when we have to and we did.....with bells on!!.

Jen's 60th Saturday night birthday party was fantastic.  I would say one of the best.  The mixture of outfits, from a great Rupert Bear (Jess) through a couple of Captain Hooks (Martyn and Anne) to various other characters from one's childhood.  And the quality of the "Party Food" took us right back to the tea tables of the 1950s. J elly, Fairy Cakes, Rice Crispy Cakes, Paste Sandwiches, Egg Sandwiches etc...etc...etc..  And the games! - Pass the parcel, sucking dried peas into a tub competition, statue dance to a hilarious double space hopper race.  Where on earth did you get that double space hopper from Jen?  Our invited friends from Ryknild, Silhill, Black Adder and more joined in the dressing up fun confirming once again that Crook knows how to party.

Dawn broke revealing little food left over, indicating the amount brought was just about right for the numbers, so again, very well judged to all who contributed.......... Here's to Jens 70th!!!!

The Sunday display spot did have a couple of mistakes, mainly by myself I have to say.  Alley Park??  Isn't it odd a dance one knows backwards and could perform in one's sleep, yet I made a bit of a balls of the first cross and rounds.  Apologies to all for that.

With the weather remaining dry and sunny throughout, our last dance, outside The Swan on Monday morning brought to an end another great Upton.

Like the man said..................We'll be back!!!


Upton Folk Festival 28th April to 2nd May