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Upton upon Severn Folk Festival

Crook’s annual visit to Upton in May has become a Must Do event, eagerly looked forward to on our summer calendar.

The cold and wet of 2012 was well and truly kicked into touch by a benevolent sun god who bathed us in glorious clear, almost hot, energy giving sunshine.

Dancing as usual at the Swan Inn and other riverside venues, Crook performed well to an appreciative audience of both public and other sides.  

Our afternoon show dances on Saturday and Sunday included a first showing of our own dance: String of Pearls, written by Martyn Harvey in celebration of Crook’s thirtieth anniversary, three years ago.  All dances were performed well.   

Crook has become famous for their Saturday evening themed parties where, the more exhibitionists among us (which are most) give reign to some astounding creations.  This year’s theme was: Heroes and Villains, attracting several pirates, historic noblemen, literary figures, a convict and a couple of excellent Cloella de Ville’s, to name just a few. Fortified by wine and nibbles and much mingling, a great time was had by all.

With our three days of fun over it was time to say goodbye to our many Morris Dancing friends, strike camp, pack the cars and wish safe journey to all.  It was a great weekend and as the man said………..We’ll be back.

Rique - May 2013

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