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This was the farewell tour for our Squire Gill, who is moving to Congleton.

Unlike last year the weather held out and we managed more than two dances!  In fact we danced at all three venues.

The Chocolate Factory in Orton proved to be a good place to start and most Crooks went for a coffee or chocolate before dancing.  We only had a small audience but they were very appreciative.

Arriving in Kirkby Stephen, some of us were starving hungry and went for lunch straight away (just me, then?) but some were still full of chocolate.  We drew in a good audience, some of whom stayed for the whole spot, some watched one dance and then others came for the next dance.  Maggie went round with the hat and collected from our generous audience.

After the dancing, while some went for lunch, others went straight to the next venue for a drink.  It was damp and drizzly and there was no point in trying to dance outside.  However some of the customers really wanted to see us perform so I asked the landlord for permission to dance inside.  We moved some furniture and had to bear in mind that there was only limited head room but we managed one Cotswold, one Border one Rapper dance and a really good collection!  

Well danced, well played everyone and many thanks to everyone on the Tour for a great day. As usual, photos have already appeared on Facebook.



Squire’s Tour 21st September 2013