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You’ll probably have noticed that we like to have fun and enjoy ourselves!  After all, it’s not all about the dancing.  We’re a sociable bunch and we like to get together to have parties, barbeque, play croquet or try 10 pin bowling!  In the autumn we’ve sometimes booked a hostel and had a weekend away, walking, touring, relaxing and socialising.  None of it is compulsory, but it can be surprisingly addictive – just look at our photos.

Apart from our Monday evening ‘Summer Dance Programme’, we also get invited or go away to ‘Weekends of Dance’ or nationwide to ‘Folk Festivals’.  Other ‘sides’ invite us to their weekends of dance or social occasions – we’ve balti-ed in Birmingham and cream tea-ed in Cornwall!  Our parties, fancy dress and social functions are renowned – just look at our photos.  Again, you determine your level of involvement.   

As a group, we have holidayed and toured abroad.  We usually try and organise something every other year - if people are ‘up for it’!  It’s first and foremost a group of friends on holiday, who happen to dance together on a couple of days – usually an afternoon or an evening. The rest of the time, we suit ourselves in what we do. We’ve camped, motorhomed and stayed in gites or self-catering accommodation over the years.  The aim is to make it accessible, not exclusive.   

It has often been said of Morris dancing, that it is not simply dancing, but more a way of life!  There are many like-minded individuals and groups throughout the ountry who form a vast ‘family-like’ network.  Many of us have come to count ‘life-long’ friends amongst their number.  Morris can be infectious!!