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Well, it could have been a disaster.  After deciding to turn up at Kirkby Lonsdale and "busk it", as we have done previously, Freddie happened to pick up the Gazette on Friday to discover that Kirkby Lonsdale was holding its annual "Big Weekend", with stalls, events, entertainers, attendance "by invitation only".  We were afraid that it would be totally inappropriate to turn up and basically gatecrash their event, but Dan came up trumps by contacting the organiser, who was more than happy for us to join in.  She suggested some places where she would like us to dance, and we also danced in a couple of pubs, outside Booth's and at the Fire Station.

We were joined by Suzanne, doing some flat footing, and by Jackie Mason doing some Westmorland clogging.  We owe big thanks to Freddie for playing for rapper and for Suzanne, and to Dan for accompanying his Mum.  Our audiences were very enthusiastic and generous.  One of the local charities being collected for was the local Trauma Relief Fund, and we decided that we would like to give a large part of our collection to this charity.  We collected £75 and some pence, and Dan and Sam could not resist digging into their own pockets to make the sum up to a round £76.  We intend to give £50 of this to the local charity.

After dancing, some of us returned to Anjie's house, where we ate crisps, curry, cakes and chocolate, drank a variety of alcoholic beverages, and ended up at 4am watching Youtube videos of cats dressed as sharks riding robotic vacuum cleaners (as you do).  Breakfast and chat was also provided by Anjie, she is such a good host that we will have to visit her again.

Rapper Tour 7th September 2013