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Crook Rapper did another flash tour of Kendal last night, joined by Suzanne and her flat-footing friends. Although we spent some time walking around Kendal, and were turned away by a couple of pubs, we had a great evening and were extremely well received at the pubs we did dance in. 

We met at the Brewery for a pre-tour drink and chat, and then went on to The Shakespeare, where we did our first spot. The punters were friendly and welcoming, and 2 of the chaps watching us here turned up at our last spot as well!

Second spot of the evening was Dickie Doodles, where Chris was welcomed like a long-lost son. There was a good audience who were extremely appreciative, and we did 2 spots each to a good reception. We were then asked to repeat a dance, and managed to include a "groupie" who had seen us when we danced at Last Orders in July (I think he might have had a drink or 2) and who managed a very creditable spin.

We finished up at the Ring O' Bells, where we met up with our other 2 groupies, and were again welcomed with great enthusiasm. We did another 2 spots each, and then finished with a bit a of chilling out and chat regarding practice for the winter. 

Pauline could not be prevented from taking the hat around. The first pub we visited were supporting the Macmillan Cancer charity, and Pauline collected £65.93 on their behalf from the 3 pubs we visited.



Rapper Tour 23rd September 2013