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The rapper section of crook arrived in Keswick at 2pm and we danced in a couple of pubs along the Main Street, making sure we tasted the beers on offer, even if it did mean five of us sharing half a pint with straws... In both pubs we managed to attract an audience (of varying numbers), but that didn't put us off because we ended up in the tourist information dancing to the two people working there and a couple of confused passers by at the window!

When the rest of Crook joined us at 4pm  in the pub called The Inn (or was it an Inn called The Pub...) we decided that dancing inside out of the rain was the best option, even if it meant Gary jumping under the light and spiking his head.

After the dancing we all went in various directions to eat and to eventually meet up at the Theatre by the Lake at half six.

Then alongside Belfagan and Two-Headed Sheep we danced in the freezing cold before the show. But for me the second best highlight of the day (the first being the show of course) was performing rapper in the foyer with our large captive audience.

Then after all that dancing it was nice to sit down and watch The Lock In show, which was amazing, and I feel I've been inspired with the rapper to move our dancing up to the next level!

It was also good of them to reward the people who stayed around after the show with a small, but perfectly formed, flash mob.


The Lock In Keswick 10th February