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Monday 23rd July at The Globe, Kendal

with Westmorland Step & Garland Dancers and Legs Levens

2011 saw part of Crook’s 30th celebrations take place in Kendal Market place.  We were really glad to be able to have it based at the Globe Inn.

We hadn’t been able to offer our local dance friends the opportunity to join with us as we were crammed full with visiting sides from away so Crook made the decision to have a night in 2012 and ask both the other Kendal sides to join us for a night of dance, music, socialising and a grand session in the pub afterwards.

What an excellent night.  All 3 sides turned out in strength (eventually!) and Legs Levens “Kicked Off’ first with a rousing set of Appalachian Stepping .  They were followed by Westmorland Step dancing our own county’s heritage of clog step dances saved and notated by the Flett family.  Finally Crook itself danced its first elegant Cotswold dance and so we were up and running in front of a very good and appreciative audience.  This established pattern continued with variety added with garland dances (W.S. &G.) and Welsh Border dances & rapper sword (C) for well over an hour before we repaired happily into the upstairs of The Globe.  The music started with musicians from all 3 sides happily joining in with each others tunes, we all tucked in to the sandwiches provided by our landlady and there was a happy buzz of conversations as people chatted over what was happening in their side’s world.

We all would like more members and there are signs of more interest in all of the Kendal sides which is fabulous. Everyone loves what they do and know that it gives immense pleasure to our audiences.  What we want, of course, is to pass this pleasure on.  So this autumn all 3 sides will be hoping for loads of new and even young new members at the practice nights !

This was the last night for one member of Crook’s band of musicians.  In the 3 years that David Craig has been with the side he’s been an asset on several fronts and we will miss his abilities a lot.  The side wish him, Geraldine and Hedley all the very best in their new life in ………the Cotswolds!  I think a Crook visit might be in order?

Martyn Harvey