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The idea of a ‘Flash Tour’ was a new one.  The concept being to visit pubs and perform one or two dances and move on.  People on the tour would either be Rapper Dancers, or Morris Dancers.

The original plan was for us to have 8 border and 5 rapper so 13 dancers.

No need for any kit changes in a pub before we danced.

That didn't work, we were always short of this ideal and when Liz sadly had to drop out with her damaged hand we needed a few of the rapper dances to effect quick changes and do both dances.

I need and want to say a massive thank you to all the dancers who were involved in this and did it quietly, willingly and pretty quickly.

It helped the smoothness of what we offered.

My thanks also go to Dan who had worked which rapper dancer was doing which dance and then had the need for an extra person to do the change dropped on him at the last minute.  No fuss he just got on with it and it worked as well as it could.

Our musicians managed to find space where the staff and audience could still see the dances and when not required they melted away with no hiatus for our performance so thank you.


The Brewery Arts Centre was welcome and the audience enjoyed both types of dances and were generous but all the pubs were very very quiet. Why ?


Kendal had been very busy during the day with The Tour Of Britain and some had even sold out of beer.

Then the weather was not good !


Did it work ?

I felt that all the venues were fine for the rapper.

The space was tight for the border but just about manageable.

All the pub staff were pleased to see us, enjoyed what we did and I think would agree to future similar ventures.


How was it for us ?

I felt that initially the rapper dancers were clearly more at ease, it's an approach they are used to and is tried and tested.

Understandably the border dancers were a little tentative to start with but did settle, perform well and hold their own with the rapper.


My original aim was for this night to try and help maintain the closeness of the side and to see if this sort of tour for the winter may be a way where the side can occasionally offer a broader approach.


I thought this did work and that we should consider repeating this once or twice.


Flash Tour 16th September 2013