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Damson Day Saturday 13th April

In the week before Damson Day, the weather forecast for the Saturday was for torrential rain so we hardly dared believe that it was dry.  More than that, there was actually warm(ish) sunshine for most of the day so we had a good audience for all our three spots.

The entertainment stand where we performed was on a different, and better, site from previous years.  Unfortunately it was slightly sloping so it was like performing on a raked stage and non-dancing Crooks could see that the bottom of the central pole was threatening to slide downhill during one dance.  Luckily it lasted until the end of the dance and was re-sited with a few sharp kicks.

During our first spot, whilst there were two sets dancing ‘The Poacher’, I was interviewed live by Val Armstrong from Radio Cumbria, who was herself being filmed by a TV crew.  Having not heard the radio broadcast or seen the film I haven’t a clue whether I came over well or gormless!

In between our spots we had time to look round the various stalls and feed ourselves with the usual good fare on offer (I can recommend the soup and cheese scones and there were quite a few ice creams consumed). There were also a few flashes of Rapper both in the courtyard and on the entertainment stand.

There was a good turn-out of Crooks and we were able to have two sets for most of the dances.  We acquitted ourselves well (a few mistakes we knew about but, we hope, escaped the audience).  Well danced and well played everyone!