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For me, the 1st December is a bit early for Christmas spirit but it is always good to have celebrations in winter and the weather was suitably frosty for Crook’s 5th annual Christmas Ceilidh. There was a wonderfully dramatic start to the evening with Tumbling Tom. For their opening number they stood on the dance floor singing in near darkness in their red costumes and a few LED lights. With their two callers, Fiona and Les, they provided varied dances for the rest of the evening and the floor was always full with enthusiastic dancers.

The mulled wine and fruit punch were popular and many people came back for refills. The mince pies all disappeared too!

The Revellers had two spots and, as always, sang out - they so obviously enjoy making music together.

Crook also started the dance spot in the dark as the Rapper side danced in black outfits with ultra violet lights picking out their white sashes and shoe laces and the Rapper swords that had been painted white. There was a bit more light during the Border dance as the dancers had attached sets of LED lights to their ragged jackets. The lights were definitely on for the Cotswold dance and the audience could see both sets of dancers clearly. All the spot dances were well performed and well received by the audience.

Members of Crook always pitch in and help whenever they see a job that needs doing, whether it is manning the door, serving the punch and mulled wine or taking round the hot mince pies. Thanks to the members of Crook who volunteered to put decorations up and taking them down. This operation was quicker than ever before – obviously practice makes perfect.

Same time, same place next year?   


Each year that Crook Morris undertakes this event I am overcome with pride and amazement at the abilities, the spirit and sense of fun that exist within the side.

Our subcommittee had identified some tweaks to enhance the experience for the guests.  Lo and behold people just stepped up to the mark and so we had seasonal greenery to add to the wall decorations, a new recipe for the complimentary drink, different stage decorations and all this topped off with the side also grasping the idea of lights and no lights for our displays !

People had got used to the start of the night with Tumbling Tom singing from the stage and it leading into an opening polka.

Their audience was woken up by the band taking a central position in the hall from where they sang Steve Tomlinson’s fine song ’The Lord Of Misrule’.  Squire Gill welcomed everyone to this our 5th Christmas Ceilidh and a full hall and excellent mulled wine helped set the tone for the night.

It was a tremendous atmosphere.  We have come to expect quality spots and this year was no exception.  The Revellers go from strength to strength and obviously enjoy their singing which gives the audience a lovely full and warm sound and they had looked at their performance and developed it to include a coming on song, excellent. Crook’s dances were crisp, very well performed and a real crowd pleasing entertainment.

I didn’t think it would be possible to raise the quality of this event much higher now I‘m wondering what on earth we can do to lift it still further next year.  Well never fear we will, you can trust Crook so watch this space.  Next year’s date is Saturday 7th December, yes, we’ve decided we will run another!


Cotswold       Rapper       Border