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2010 Cumbrian Christmas Ceilidh

This was our third year. The first two had been very popular and successful but you can't rest on your laurels and we decided to make some changes and see if we could improve on an already excellent event.

The changes we made were:-

So how did this work? Did it make any difference?

Well Crook certainly all felt that it was definitely the best one yet. The feedback from people who had paid to come positively clearly approved of the reserved tables and plan, loved all the decorations, the service of mince pies got a thumbs up, the 1 dance spot was spot on and the singing quite awesome, the brass in the second half gave an impressive lift to an already buzzing night and the sound was as good as we have managed over the 3 years- overall a very big yes the changes had worked.

Crook were still floating on air at practice on the Monday immediately after the ceilidh. We all agreed that it had made it feel as though Christmas had arrived. It was no surprise that we unanimously agreed that we will do it again in 2011, our 30th year as a side.

We do love the feel of the hall but it does have its problems - we would like one a little bigger, it’s a nuisance that the car park is full with cars from the earlier starting Carol Concert in the Parish Church and the difficult acoustics - so we will keep our eyes and ears open for a move. We will certainly have fewer tables to try and create more dancing space.

But whatever happens everyone can look forward to 2011 and Crook Morris’s 4th traditional ‘ Cumbrian Christmas Ceilidh '.

Martyn Harvey ( Foreman )