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All Day Dance 1st April

Wow!  What a successful experiment our all day tour to kick off the season has pr


  1. We had a lovely time.
  2. We got our kit on !
  3. The side put a smile on a lot of faces, including our own.
  4. We had a really good bonding opportunity, it was almost as good as having an early spring social.
  5. Crook danced 24 of its 26 dances and that's more than we get through at the all day hall practice.
  6. There were some mistakes but then there always are. As the season progresses we will improve.....oh yes we will !
  7. It was excellent to dance to an audience, it is what it is about after all.
  8. It was lovely to have most of our band out with us and I'm sure a better experience for them to play in a truly live situation.
  9. We saved on the cost of a hall and collected pretty well which is a bonus.
  10. I filmed 2 dances and the rapper. They are now on You Tube !           Dance1        Dance2         Rapper

So from your foreman's point of view a truly worthwhile day, thank you all so much for the effort and joy you all brought to it.



Photos thanks to Sam